Sunday, 4 October 2009

A personal note from Paige :-)

Hello Everyone,

It's me, Paige. I thought I would write a comment on the blog to thank everyone for all the cards. My entire family is very grateful to have people who care about us. Special thanks to those who made bookmarks, stamps, necklaces, stickers, blank cards for me to use, and pins. I'm so very amazed that I've received cards not only from the United States, but also from many different countries. So far I have cards from Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, and Italy.

Thank you again for all of the time and hard work that you all have put into your wonderful cards.

Bless you all,

Paige Welch and family.


Lorraine A said...

Hi Paige :-) I am thrilled that you have received so many cards and gifts :-) I hope you receive a mountain through your letterbox :-)

sending lots of love and big hugs and hope you are recovering well x x

Lorraine x x x

Rybiooka said...
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Rybiooka said...


I wish you a speedy recovery, the same good people, a smile which alleviates any pain.

Sarah said...

Hi Paige, I hope to post my card for you today. I live in England so it will take quite a few days to get to you x

Anonymous said...

Hi Paige your one special little lady! I posted my card also yesterday! so I think your card pile is going to keep growing!!
Good luck withyour recovery and also your mother and family!
I too live in England so hope your card reaches you safely! :0take care sweetie x x

Helen said...

So glad that you've been receiving so many cards Paige - I hope my card was amongst them :0)
Hugs, Helen x